Vision & Ethos

Our Vision

Pupils reach their educational potential and are prepared for adult life both intellectually and emotionally. By providing opportunities, regardless of individuals’ circumstances, and offering wrap around provision to both pupils and their families enabling an integrated holistic approach to pupil care barriers to learning will be minimised.


Personal growth through;

Respecting pupils’ needs

Overcoming barriers to reaching potential

Safe, nurturing and supportive environment

Pupil centred approach

Empathy and excellence in learning

Recognising achievement in all circumstances

Our Mission

Our vision will be realised by:

  • Improving the educational experiences of all our pupils and by recognising and celebrating the achievement of both staff and pupils
  • Providing a stimulating learning environment in which the team of highly skilled staff deliver quality, well-resourced teaching to meet the needs of all pupils
  • Working in partnership with the Local Authority, parents, trustees, governors, employers, stakeholders and the wider community
  • Valuing the entire academy community, promoting well-being and encouraging spiritual, moral, social and cultural development in an atmosphere that fosters the growth of respect and responsible behaviour
  • Ensuring a safe, secure and supportive environment that allows pupils to become more independent and resilient, where they can be happy and enjoy learning

The Vision, Mission and Culture will be fundamentally similar to those of Prosper Learning Trust.

 Our Culture

  • A shared belief that all children have a right to the best education that can be provided
  • A learning and working environment where all are respected, valued and achievements celebrated


Prosper Learning Trust